Back pain, sciatica and herniated discs

Chiropractic, unlike traditional solutions, does not stop at relieving pain but seeks out and treats the source of the problem in order to stop a relapse, or prevent the problem from getting worse.

Why do we feel pain?

We should be thankful for pain. It is an alarm signal. The primary function of pain is not, in fact, to cause us discomfort;  it is to protect us. In the same way a fire alarm protects your home from fires, pain warns you that something abnormal and potentially dangerous is happening in your body. If your home fire alarm sounded, you would not disconnect it; you would seek out the origin of the fire so that you could extinguish it. Similarly, you should not mask pain with painkillers. You should identify and treat the cause so that it does not re-occur or cause further damage to the body. That is the mission of the chiropractor.

Lower back pain

Also referred to as "lumbago”, back pain is, unfortunately, a universal problem. It affects 80% of the population at some point in their lives.

When someone says they have “seized up”, they are usually referring to acute lower back pain. The pain is caused by severe muscle contractions which limit mobility. It may be triggered by physical exertion, bad postural habits or excess weight, but it often occurs without a particular reason. Your chiropractor can relieve your pain quickly and then investigate and treat the cause of the problem.

When back pain persists for weeks or even months, it is known as chronic back pain. This often indicates a vertebral problem or slipped disc. See your chiropractor as soon as possible and allow him or her to locate the source of the problem and relieve the pain.

Herniated or ‘slipped disc’ compressing the nerve root.


Sciatica is a pain that spreads to the buttocks and legs. It is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. This condition is often caused by a herniated or slipped disc, which your chiropractor can confirm.

Herniation or slipped disc

This occurs when the disc is being compressed between two vertebrae, which causes it to slip out of place and then press into the nerve root or spinal cord, causing nerve damage. The consequences can be pain, numbness and even walking difficulties.

Why conventional treatments are not enough?

Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, like all drugs, have many side effects. For example, anti-inflammatories cause ulcers, gastric problems, gastrointestinal bleeding and should be especially avoided by the elderly and pregnant women.

Through chiropractic treatment of back problems, the entire spine becomes more balanced. Therefore the nervous system works better and this nurtures the well-being of the entire body.

Moreover, drugs only cover up the pain (disconnecting the alarm) without solving the cause (putting out the fire).

Anti-inflammatories should only be taken for a few days at most, until the source of the problem is diagnosed. Too many people self-medicate and take anti-inflammatories continuously, without being aware of the serious complications that can arise.

In the case of a slipped disc or disc herniation, the solution recommended most often is surgery (discectomy, laminectomy, microsurgery, etc.). However, it should always be a last resort, since every operation carries risks.

While surgery will always remain an option for patients, it is important to bear in mind that the operation is irreversible; once completed, there is no possible way back.

Even traditional medicine now recognizes that up to 40% of these interventions fail. There are more and more doctors saying that these operations should be reserved for very specific cases, and only after the failure of other therapies.

Given its high degree of proven effectiveness, chiropractic should always be the first choice for treatment of back problems.

Chiropractic solutions

Unlike traditional solutions, chiropractic does not just relieve pain; it identifies the source of the problem and deals with it in order to prevent a relapse, or a worsening of the condition.

Chiropractic adjustments correct vertebral misalignments which are causing pain, and improve the health of the spine in a natural and safe way. 

Another advantage relating to chiropractic treatment of back problems is that the entire spine is better balanced. Therefore, the nervous system functions better and this nurtures the health of the entire body. 


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Taking care of your back, body and nervous system through chiropractic involves a much healthier life and optimal health.

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When should a child have their first chiropractic visit?

The sooner the better. It is recommended to check your baby as soon as possible in order to eliminate any possible trauma or subluxation associated with birth.