Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral

In our two Chiropractic centers in Barcelona and Sitges, both equipped with the last generation of electrohydraulic chiropractic tables and multiple treatment rooms, specifically adapted according to the needs of each patient and adapting to each age group and specific case, our belief is that a patient is not just a body, but a person who needs to be attended as a whole.


Chiropractic improves your health and well-being

After a computerized study of the vertebral column, we apply the newest chiropractic techniques. Chiropractic is a long-term investment from which we can all benefit right now.

Chiropractic is a natural, non-invasive therapy, respectful to the integrity of your body, and a complete solution adapted to each specific case.

Traditional medicine has managed to extend life, therefore, we have to take better care of ourselves and prepare more. Periodic chiropractic check-ups increase vitality, improve quality of life and slow down physical, mental and emotional deterioration.


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Chiropractic treatment

The chiropractic treatment is based on three main functions. prevention, wellness, relief and correction of back and joint problems. The spine contains the spinal cord, the central axis of the nervous system, through which vital information circulates. From the brain to each cell, each organ; manages and controls all parts of the body.


Meet our Doctors

The Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral, one of the first chiropractic centers in Spain, was founded by Alain Chiappinelli, doctor of chiropractic, during the Olympics in 1992. They work together towards a single goal: to improve the health of their patients.

The Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral’s team has doctors of chiropractic graduated from the best American, French and Spanish universities.


Alain Chiappinelli

Doctor of Chiropractic.


Albert Imperial Estradera

Doctor of Chiropractic.


Jean-François Dedieu

Doctor of Chiropractic.


Taking good care of your health is our mission