Chiropractic and depression

by | Jan 15, 2021 | chiropractic, depression

Depression is an emotional disorder that is caused by an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy, changes in appetite, despondency, restlessness, sleep disturbances, sadness, and disinterest.

For your total safety, you should entrust your health and your spine to a true professional.

Depression can temporarily or permanently affect and influence the way we see reality. It also hinders the development of daily routines and sometimes creates new health problems.

Generally, this disorder is treated through psychological care, which attempts to rebalance brain chemistry and serotonin levels to reduce symptoms. Often this process is prolonged over time and what happens if that process is not enough?

To further help our body regulate and balance itself both chemically and nervously, the best tool we have is chiropractic care, as it will help your body better combat stress and depression through spinal adjustments, which in turn will improve the function of the nervous system.

How the body reacts physically to an aggressive stimulus is through the central nervous system. After the noxious stimulus occurs, the brain, which is the main organizer, sends a message through the medulla that will act as the main highway through which it is distributed to the rest of the nervous network, to all the muscles and cells of the body.

Occasionally, vertebral displacement is due to somatization (the actions the body takes to react to a harmful emotional stimulus, which can easily create muscle contractures, joint stiffness and cause subluxations).

Subluxations will put pressure on the nerves that pass between the vertebrae and produce a decrease and interference in the passage of nerve information to the rest of the body, creating a chemical and immunological imbalance as well as a neuro-musculoskeletalimbalance and therefore reduce the overall performance of the body.


The doctor of chiropractic will perform specific corrections, returning the natural movement of the vertebrae and restoring them to their correct position.

It will release the pressure that was being exerted on the nerve, facilitating the body’s homeostasis (self-regulation so that the environment within your body is always stable, especially in the face of daily stress) and rebalancing the chemistry of the nervous system, which will allow a better adaptation to the harmful stimuli that we receive daily and that harm our body and mind.

Your doctor of chiropractic will assess the state of your neuro-musculoskeletal system. Through chiropractic care, it is possible to regain greater vitality, improve sleep quality, optimal emotional well-being and strengthen stress tolerance.