Epitrocleitis or “golfer’s elbow”.

by | Jun 28, 2021 | chiropractic, Epitrochleitis

This pathology is an inflammation of the tendon that connects the muscular complex called the medial epicondyle of the humerus bone (located in the arm at the level of the elbow) to the anterior muscles of the forearm.

In other words, it is an inflammation of the tendons of related muscles, originating from the epicondyle of the elbow and inserting on the forearm, wrist and hand. These estructures make it possible for us to rotate the hand and forearm inward and to flex the wrist and fingers.

The origin of epitrochleitis derives from the functional overload of the muscles mentioned above. It is the result of heightened and often combined repetition, for example, when we catch, or rather that we grasp an object with force and flex the wrist.

However, it does not exclusively affect athletes, but also people such as painters, secretaries, masons, etc. Any mechanical stress, without having to use a lot of force, can give way to this pathology in anyone.

Also known as golfers elbow, this pathology is particularly common in those who play sports such as golf or tennis.

Epitrochleitis is responsible for the pain that we notice in the inner part of the elbow, the joint stiffness in the elbow, as well as the weakness in the hand and wrist.

Chiropractic Doctors, specialist in the neuro-musculoskeletal system of our human body, are trained to take care of epitrochleitis efficiently and with great success.

With Chiropractic you can carry out different treatments focused on distinct aspects that cause golfers elbow syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment based on specific pressures located in the muscle involved when it comes to a tendon of this muscle.

If there are joint subluxations of the elbow: (joint displacement of one of the three joints that forms the elbow), in this case, your Doctor of Chiropractic will treat it with specific adjustments in the injured joint.

On some occasions, the origin of an epitrochleitis can originate as a cervical subluxation (a pinching of the nerve which sends information to the muscles of the elbow). Imagine a light bulb that does not turn on due to a short circuit in an electrical cable, the same thing happens when a cervical subluxation originates. It is therefore essential to remove said subluxation.

Likewise, in some cases, a disorder and/or imbalance in the lumbar spine or the pelvis could be the origin of the epitrochleitis.


In the first phase of the treatment we will have to investigate and determine the true causes to later take the necessary complementary measures (strengthening exercises, stretching, etc.) in order to eliminate possible relapses.

Start treating it as soon as possible and prevent it from turning into a chronic pain that can limit the wellbeing of your health and daily life.