The new reality: Teleworking, office life, and Chiropractic

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Back pain, chiropractic, Headache, Neck pain problems

One vertebra after another… Our rhythm of life and those repetitive daily gestures considerably affect the health of each and every one of us.

Starting with the back: about 80% of the population suffers from back and neck pain due to poor posture. With chiropractic, you can recover completely. With chiropractic, you can recover completely.

Doctors of Chiropractic are not surprised by the exponential growth of office workers suffering from musculoskeletal problems. This is a direct consequence of teleworking or traditional office work. It implies that we move less and less and that we sit in front of computers that leave us hunched over the keyboard for many consecutive hours.

What is surprising is the age of these patients. Young people in their twenties are already being diagnosed withchronic pain and mobility problems. Diagnosing herniated disc problems, impingement orlow back pain in patients in theit thirties are becoming more and more frequent.

However, they are all grateful to be able to turn to chiropractic for many reasons, but the one that convinces them most is that it really works!

Chiropractic care relieves or eliminates symptoms by restoring proper alignment to our spine and treating the problem at its root. Many patients experience immediate relief from the onset.

Incorrect postures

Most of the pain experienced by office workers is due to poor posture. With the rapid expansion of teleworking, this problem has increased. The height of the computer is not at the correct level, the chair is not the right one and, therefore, the postures we acquire are very harmful.

Compounding the situation is the use of phones and tablets. They lead us to assume a prolonged stooped position; an unnatural posture for which the human body was not designed.

Pathologies and disorders due to bad posture

There are several ailments related to poor posture. Some are easily imaginable, others seem so foreign to our posture that they surprise us:

· headache · tendinitis · lumbago · neck pain and/or cervicobrachialgia · back pain · herniated disc · back pain · back spasms · dizziness · fatigue

An abnormal curvature of the spine or misaligned spine does not always cause pain but can incubate other disorders that over time can lead to severe or irreversible health problems.

Identifying the true cause of a specific pain or discomfort is the main task of the chiropractor.

Useful tips

Turn to chiropractic as soon as the disorder begins to manifest. Immediately addressing the origins of the problem prevents it from becoming chronic or disabling. The goal is to obtain a correct and complete functionality of the spine and, therefore, of our whole body.

Health is a relationship between oneself and one’s body; do not neglect it and take good care of it.