Chiropractic and pregnancy

by | Mar 28, 2022 | chiropractic, pregnancy

Chiropractic can be of great help both during pregnancy and afterward. The doctor of chiropractic intervenes to help the expectant mother by ensuring that the body can adapt smoothly to the constant changes experienced during the nine months of waiting.

The physiological and endocrinological changes that occur throughout a woman’s body during pregnancy are extremely important. They are intended to adapt and respond to all the changes in your body that will take place during the entire gestation period of your baby.

The baby is a unity of body and mind, soma and psyche, as evidenced by the coordination of the sensorimotor circuits and the originality with which it responds to intrauterine and extrauterine stimuli. It is therefore, important to arrive at birth (whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section) in top shape, in the best possible physical and psychological condition.

Removing stress from the spinal cord promotes a healthy body from the inside out

From the first weeks of gestation, the expectant mother may feel pain in the legs, which appears more frequently as the pregnancy progresses. Also, abdominal overpressure and the position of the baby can compress the nerve roots in the lower back and sacrum, causing multiple pains.

Natural weight gain changes the natural curvatures of the spine and the pelvis also tends to widen. Often, these completely physiological changes bring to light pre-existing problems that suddenly appear in pregnancy, for example, cervicalgia (neck pain) and back pain or sciatica problems.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of chiropractic during pregnancy.

Clinical studies onchiropractic care during pregnancy have shown it to be highly effective in the physiological and endocrinological changes mentioned above.

Especially during the third trimester, this non-invasive therapy can provide a woman with more comfort and potentially reduce the amount of pain medication needed during labor. It can even prevent symptoms of nausea, reduce labor time, relieve back and joint pain or prevent a possible cesarean section.

During childbirth, a woman’s spine undergoes special stress. She often even experiences postpartum tension in the pelvis, back, and neck.

The chiropractic treatment is always adapted to the conditions of the woman and the evolution of pregnancy and can thus alleviate these discomforts and help the expectant mother to regain a better physical shape.