Osteoporosis, chiropractic treatment?

by | May 2, 2022 | chiropractic, Osteoporosis

One of the most common bone problems experienced by millions of people around the world is osteoporosis.

Through chiropractic treatment, multiple disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders, such as osteoporosis, are worked on and improved.

Osteoporosis patients are at increased risk of fracturing their hip, spine and wrist. The first sign of osteoporosis for many people, is a broken bone. The bones become too fragile to withstand falls, bumps or simply the weight of our own body during daily movements: walking, sitting, bending over, sweeping and even a sneeze or cough could be the cause of a fracture.

Living with osteoporosis is extremely challenging, however, patients should not lose hope as it is possible to delay or reverse the effects of osteoporosis after it is diagnosed.

The importance of bone density

  • Once bone density has been determined, a treatment and prevention plan can be implemented. The type of care your doctor of chiropractic will recommend will largely depend on the severity of your osteoporosis.
  • In any case, through chiropractic adjustments it is possible to help stimulate bone growth. Likewise, your doctor of chiropractic will adapt your treatment based on your bone density, will improve your range of joint mobility and flexibility, also working on the soft tissues. Thus, we strengthen the muscles and tissues that surround the bones to help stabilize and prevent injuries.

The results of a clinical study Impact of Chiropractic Manipulation on Bone and Skeletal Muscle of Ovariectomized Rats,published by the scientific publisher Springer, support the notion that chiropractic adjustments can improve osteoporotic bone, at least in part, by targeting skeletal muscle. Evidence suggests that chiropractic adjustments may have positive effects on osteoporosis patients.

Osteoporosis patients can also lead active lives with fewer restrictions. Keep in mind that the more active your life is, the more bone density you will generate.

Don’t forget that chiropractic treatment is a complementary treatment that must be combined with conventional medical treatment.

Consult your doctor of Chiropractic to set up the care that best suits your needs.