Treatment for osteoarthritis: put your trust in chiropractic

by | Jun 4, 2022 | chiropractic, Osteoarthritis

Chiropractic adjustment is a great tool to treat osteoarthritis. As well as giving back a good articular mobility, a chiropractic adjustment gets you back to your correct articular alignment

By moving better, joint lubrication increases and the pressure and the weight will be correctly distributed on the whole articular surface. As well, it will increase the gentle and gliding motion, without articular friction and scratching, and in this way avoiding inflammation and destruction of the cartilage.

Likewise, it’s fundamental to have a good alignment of the vertebral column. Adjusting the spine will make sure to have the minimum possible interference in the nervous system. The blood flow controlled by the nervous system will improve. Thanks to a better articular lubrication and proper condition the articular protection will increase.

The importance of the cartilage

All the body’s articulations, such as; hands, knees, hips, or the vertebral column are made up of two bones that are joined together by ligaments and a joint capsule. Inside the capsule, the cartilage is made of a similar tissue to rubber, that covers both ends of the bone.

With the synovial fluid (articular oil) that fills up the articular capsule, the cartilage protects and increase the optimal gliding between the two bones, as well as being a shock absorber. The cartilage is an elastic tissue with a fine and smooth surface placed on the bone to avoid bone destruction during the articulation of one bone on the other one.

Advantages of Chiropractic in the treatment of osteoarthritis

• Reduce and delay premature wear of the cartilage that covers the articulation.

• Prevents the onset of acute crisis of pain and inflammation.

• A correctly aligned spine and free of subluxation. This way you obtain a correct posture, which decrease the excessive pressure in the affected zone, giving back a good repartition of articular weight distribution.

After a complete neurological and structural examination of the vertebral column, pelvis and articulations, your doctor of chiropractic will decide on the optimal and most effective treatment plan.

The treatment of osteoarthritis through chiropractic has as it’s main target to re-educate the nervous system, muscular and skeletal, to re establish an optimal balance and for the whole system to be able to work in synergy. At the same time, strengthening exercises and ergonomic advice are useful and necessary to control the pain related to osteoarthritis.