Childbirth and the first subluxations

by | Aug 22, 2022 | chiropractic, pregnancy, Spinal Column

Cervical pain, lumbar pain, headache,… may have their origin in childbirth.

Childbirth, due to the force applied by the obstetrician stretching and turning the baby’s head to deliver the baby, may be one of the main causes of the first cervical subluxation of the baby’s cervical spine.

The estimated force that can be applied in a delivery can be from 15kg up to 50kg, and this will always depend on the difficulty of the childbirth and the different techniques applied, for example, the use of vacuum cups and/or forceps, or if a cesarean section is performed, or on the contrary, if it is a natural childbirth.

Many authorities suggest that the position of the mother together with the obstetrician plays a role in the occurrence of “baby-adjustments”.

When the mother is lying on her back during labor, she works against gravity and the size of the pelvic opening is considerably reduced.

These factors require the physician to pull hard on the baby’s head. This results in increased traction and torsion during the birthing process.

Together with decreased pelvic outlet and non-alignment with gravity, they are often the perfect setting for obstetric trauma and can cause problems in neonatal development.

Doctors of Chiropractic and pediatricians have warned of the danger that a traumatic birth can cause to a newborn and its spine.

This damage can cause anything from mild subluxations in the upper neck to severe subluxations related to spinal cord damage, nerve damage and central nervous system hemorrhage.

Damage that can be caused by cervical subluxation in the baby’s neck

Delivery with these techniques places enormous stress on the spine and especially on the vertebrae, causing subluxations (vertebral displacement) and damaging the fragile nerves leading from the spine to the baby’s organs, glands and tissues.

Due to trauma during childbirth and in the first months of life, it is highly recommend to have your baby examined as quickly as possible in order to eliminate any injury or subluxation.

Chiropractic treatment before and after pregnancy

The importance of a developing newborn being free of nerve interference cannot be underestimated as birth trauma can lead to health problems in adulthood.

The importance of chiropractic care of the mother after childbirth should be emphasized: it rebalances the spine and pelvis. This will also help her regain her figure, reduce the risk of postpartum depression and, above all, it will prevent back problems.

Back or health problems are very often related to the fact that the baby or the mother has not been under the care of a chiropractor.

It is advisable for the mother and baby to have a check-up with a doctor of chiropractic after delivery. If mother or child has not had a check-up in time, it is never too late to do it during the different stages of life to avoid serious problems, complications and interferences in health (cervical pain, low back pain, headache…).