16 October 2022 World Spine Day

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Back pain, chiropractic, Spinal Column

From the Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral we explain the importance of exercise, posture, self-care and the importance of chiropractic treatment to maintain a healthy spine

World Chiropractic Day is promoted by the World Federation of Chiropractic in collaboration with organizations around the world. World Spine Day, on this significant day, also aims to disseminate information to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and effective management of “spinal conditions”.

Approximately one billion people worldwide suffer from back pain. Spinal pain and disability affects all age groups, from children to the elderly, and it is estimated that one in four adults will suffer from back pain in their lifetime.

Prevention is therefore crucial and the Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral joins in the outreach to promote an interdisciplinary approach to treatment to alleviate the burden of spinal disorders.

“Alain Chiappinelli, Doctor of Chiropractic and founder of the Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral, explains: “To have a healthy spine and, above all, for it to function properly, it is important to practice physical activity, as the muscular system is the one that ensures the mobility of the vertebrae and limbs the most, which is necessary for joint function and the correct neurological control of the body“.

After periods of “inactivity”, whether due to severe health problems (scoliosis, fibromyalgia, nervous system dysfunctions…) or to our type of work, the reality is that our daily life is psychologically altered by the lack of mobility in the face of sedentary work and by the changes in lifestyle that we adapt over time.

It is therefore essential to try to make time for physical activity but also to review old habits that could be changed and improved.

These habits may be related to incorrect posture at work, exertion, muscular imbalances, inappropriate behavior, etc.

In case it is not possible to do a sports activity, there are many exercises that can be done at home, which, however, should be chosen according to age and current physical condition.

What are the risks for those who spend long hours at the computer

and for those who do “strenuous” work with a lot of weight on the spine?

It is not only people with heavy lifting jobs who are at risk of spinal problems, but also people in sedentary jobs, such as those who spend long hours working a in front of a computer. Sedentary work tends to lead to musculoskeletal weakness and dysfunction.

If an incorrect position is maintained for hours sitting at a desk, many common problems such as neck pain, headaches, impingement, sciatica, lumbago and paresthesia in the limbs can occur.

The non-severe cases, can be solved by simply correcting the work position. In other cases, however, it is already necessary to see a chiropractor to correct the spine subluxation.

In addition, for jobs involving lifting/carrying excessive amounts of weight and/or during an extended amount of time, it is necessary to know how to perform the movements correctly, always trying to find the correct mechanical position in order to avoid injuries.

How to celebrate World Spine Day?

For World Spine Day, we encourage you to book a first appointment with a spine specialist (don’t forget to download the discount coupon) and to find out how the science of chiropractic has made significant advances to improve the quality of life of all patients suffering from spinal problems.