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Chiropractic and pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body of the future mother works for two beings. It is imperative that it works optimally. Thanks to good chiropractic care the mother and her baby will be healthy before, during and after delivery.

45-Chiropractic and pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby

45-Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby

Pregnancy is almost always accompanied by the appearance of back problems or sciatica. In anticipation of childbirth, the body secretes hormones to soften the ligaments, which, associated with weight gain, increase vertebral displacement and pain.

The impact on the fetus is very important. Any pain the mother feels, any interference with the nervous system, will be transmitted directly to the baby, threatening its health. Since most medical drugs are prohibited during this period, the natural approach of Chiropractic is ideal.

45-Chiropractic and pregnancy

Chiropractic care can also create a larger uterine space, with less tension, preventing the risk of intra-uterine closure and optimizing the growth of the fetus. What’s more, it frequently avoids that the delivery ends in a caesarean section.

The goal of Chiropractic is to facilitate the passage of the baby’s delicate head through the hard bone structure of the mother’s pelvis.

An easier and shorter delivery

The diameter of the pelvic opening, or birth canal, may be limited by such common problems as vertebral displacements, for instance an old fall.By correcting these problems, the doctor of Chiropractic achieves an optimal pelvic opening, which facilitates the baby’s passage.

Another important factor is the position of the baby just before delivery. Chiropractic has special techniques so that the child presents itself in the best possible position.

By facilitating childbirth, Chiropractic reduces its duration. This not only shortens the suffering of the mother but also that of the baby.

Mother and baby in good shape

47-An easier and shorter delivery

• The mother

After delivery, chiropractic care permits to rebalance the new mother’s spine and pelvic. This will help her quickly regain her line, decrease the risk of postpartum depression and, it will prevent back problems.

It is crucial to go and see your doctor of Chiropractic before the end of the period of flexibility of the ligaments (about a month after delivery), that is, before the body fixes itself in the bad position adopted for childbirth. It is the last opportunity to take advantage of the extraordinary flexibility of the body and obtain optimal results.

• The baby

After birth, the baby must be examined by a doctor of Chiropractic . (as is the case in most industrialized countries) any childbirth, even the most banal in appearance, involves risks of trauma and displacement (especially in the cervical area), and this risk increases even more with use of forceps or suction cups. Vomiting, colic, unusual crying, lack of appetite, otitis or insomnia are frequently linked to underlying spinal problems. These disorders respond very well to Chiropractic care.

Thanks to Chiropractic, the mother and her baby remains healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

A first year of success

48-An easier and shorter delivery

• For the mother

New mothers (and fathers too!) in addition to suffering from accumulated fatigue from nights of interrupted sleep, often suffers from pain in the shoulder blades. The fault for this is on our protective instinct that encourages us to hunch our back when we carry a baby in our arms. A Chiropractic follow up will solve these ailments.
Also, Your doctor of Chiropractic will explain the positions and how to hold and carry your baby in order to avoid injury for both parents and child

• For the baby

The first year is a decisive stage in the development of the baby. Their spine will grow 50 % during this time, making it very vulnerable. What’s more, the head will be very large in comparison to the rest of the body. To get an idea; the equivalent in an adult would be to support a head of about 40 kilos!

There are many mistakes that can be made by the parents, and unfortunately, babies do not come with an instruction manual! You should know, for example, that it is best to avoid premature use of walkers because they can lead to scoliosis (spinal deformation)

Your doctor of Chiropractic will be by your side to give you all the necessary advice and guide you through this delicate but exciting adventure.


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