All You need to know about the Chiropractic World


Who is it for?

For everyone, without exception.

Children, babies, pregnant women, teenagers, adults, the elderly, athletes etc. Anyone with a vertebral column can be treated by chiropractic. In function of the patient and the pain, there exists different chiropractic techniques adapted to each case.




There is no minimum age to start receiving chiropractic care.

The age of our patients ranges from newborns to seniors. Regardless of age, the vertebrae can misalign, loose it’s correct position or subluxation can occur one moment or another in life due to a various number of factors. For example, during the process of birth, trauma can occur in the newborns neck or in the vertebral spine, which a lot of times does not get discovered until later, explaining various symptoms, pain or a premature degeneration process later in life. This can carry health consequences throughout your life. The Centre Chiropractic de la Columna Vertebral disposes all the therapeutic equipment necessary to treat every specific case.


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