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The effectiveness and efficiency of a chiropractic back pain treatment is high.

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Back pain and Chiropractic

Back pain is a symptom, not a disease, and in most cases the problems are caused by impaired mobility and normal functionality of the spine. Once normal spinal movement is restored with the restitution of proper vertebral position and removing subluxation, the back pain is relieved considerably.

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Causes of Back pain

16-Causes of Back pain

People suffering from back pain, in most cases, claim to have suffered an accident, trauma or serious injury before the start of the symptoms. In most cases, the origin of the pain is in the cumulative effect of incorrect postures, wrong work positions, lack of exercise, excessive effort or other factors related to an incorrect lifestyle. This leads to develop some predispositions causing vertebral subluxations.


These factors and maladjustment, once pushed beyond the body’s tolerance threshold, can cause stress, balance disruptions and pain in the spine. The causes mentioned above are some of the reasons why people get hurt by the simple act of lifting a shopping bag. The spine was already vulnerable, with accumulated subluxations and under tension. When this happens, the back muscles contracts, spasms occur trying to protect the spine and avoid lesions and damage articulations, and the intervertebral disc is taking stress off the vertebral spine.

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Step by step treatment

Your Doctor of Chiropractic will solve your back pain, first by examining your balance and check if your pelvic position is correct.

For good lumbar spinal stability without injury, the horizontality of the pelvic is necessary, thus the correct vertebral support is ensured with the least possible stress.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic will examine your entire back in search of the origin of the dysfunction. He will rule out problems triggered by injuries and work to recover the good function of the entire spine.

In addition, he will return a curvature of a lateral plane and a correct alignment of a frontal plane, with a normal range of motion.

The Chiropractic Doctor’s mission is to detect and correct subluxations. By restoring the vertebrae to their natural position, interferences are eliminated and the nervous system recovers its optimal functioning. Therefore, pain and disorders disappear and health is restored. Unlike traditional medicine, chiropractic not only treats a symptom, such as pain. On the contrary, it locates and treats the origin and the cause of the problem in a natural way, without resorting to medication and its side effects, nor surgery, releasing nervous interference.


In the first 10 to 15 minutes after your visit it is contraindicated to sit down.

During this period of time it is necessary to walk to mobilize the joints that we just release and walking also facilitate better joint lubrication and nutrition of the intervertebral discs.


During the next 24 hours following the first sessions avoid any excessive effort. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the adjustment received will decrease.


Before and after every visit, avoid all kinds of tension.

Both physical and mental. The more relaxed you are the more benefit you will get from your treatment.


The set appointments must be respected.

They have been established to obtain the best results.


The sensations that each person may experience after an adjustment may vary without affecting the result and benefit of the treatment in the medium and long term.

After an adjustment, you may experience a feeling of relaxation, having a lot of energy, general well-being, disappearance or relief of symptoms, soreness or pain.

You may sometimes even experience discomfort since the body has to adapt to the new posture and position.

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