Problems of… Neck pain problems

The causes of neck pain problems are diverse, from sedentary lifestyle to bad position at home when sitting on the couch or in front of our desk (facing our computer, using our phone or tablet), bad driving positioning or from being overweight or overstressed, giving excessive tension in our cervical spine.

2-Chiropractic and the problems of

Neck pain and Chiropractic

These actions affect our cervical spine creating displacements, pinched nerve and/or subluxation. In addition, it can be related to trauma, as a whiplash, stress, visual disturbance, problems from the temporomandibular joint (due to bad dental alignment) and poor nutrition.

This happens because of a nerve reflex mechanism and this can change the fragile balance of the muscle of the cervical spine.

13-Neck pain and Chiropractic

What happens in our spine

14-What happens in our spine

One or more vertebrae badly stressed and with lack of balance of the neck muscle makes the vertebrae lose their alignment or gets locked in a wrong and abnormal position causing the apparition of subluxation (displacement of one vertebra from its natural and physiological position).


As a consequence, the intervertebral disc (shock absorbers between two vertebrae) gets compressed and can partially occupy the medullary canal and/or the intervertebral foramen pinching the nerve root and the nervous connection passing through. This affects the function of the compressed nerve and cells tissue, organs or nerve function and can lead to a change of sensibility and/or motor function.


Step by step treatment

For neck pain problems, your Doctor of Chiropractic will verify if there are possible displacements, subluxations, a wrong alignment or vertebral dysfunctions. He will work on your cervical spine restoring its function and correct alignment.

By eliminating subluxations, the cervical spine will return to its correct alignment.

A correct realignment free of subluxations guarantees the well-being of the neck and a complete function with maximum range of motion and muscle relaxation without needing muscle relaxant medication.

Muscle tension on the nerve root, finally rest and its consequent inflammation will naturally disappear without having to use anti-inflammatory medication. The cervical are relieved by correcting the spinal malfunction and the nervous system will work optimally again.

A person who suffers from acute neck pain will get immediate relief and important decrease in pain with the first chiropractic treatment. If the disorder is chronic or long term, it will need more time, the inflammation of the nerve roots gradually disappears and resolve completely.


In the first 10 to 15 minutes after your visit it is contraindicated to sit down.

During this period of time it is necessary to walk to mobilize the joints that we just release and walking also facilitate better joint lubrication and nutrition of the intervertebral discs.


During the next 24 hours following the first sessions avoid any excessive effort.

Otherwise, the effectiveness of the adjustment received will decrease.


Before and after every visit, avoid all kinds of tension.

Both physical and mental. The more relaxed you are the more benefit you will get from your treatment.


The set appointments must be respected.

They have been established to obtain the best results.


The sensations that each person may experience after an adjustment may vary without affecting the result and benefit of the treatment in the medium and long term.

After an adjustment, you may experience a feeling of relaxation, having a lot of energy, general well-being, disappearance or relief of symptoms, soreness or pain.

You may sometimes even experience discomfort since the body has to adapt to the new posture and position.

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