Problems of… Torticollis

When you suffer from problems of torticollis, your neck is rigid and “locked” and it is almost impossible to move. The sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck plays an important role in the stiffness that occurs.

2-Chiropractic and the problems of

What is torticollis?

Torticollis is an excessive muscle reaction due to an erroneous and wrong message from the body. Our body tries to solve, replace and realign the affected zone, our brain sending an order to contract the muscles until giving muscle spasms, intending to achieve proper realignment, but our body does not succeed. The same happens at the lumbar level, when we suffer from lumbago, sometimes with very intense muscle spasms.

9-What is Torticollis?

The origin of the problems of torticollis

11-El origen de los problemas de tortícolis

The origin of this disease may vary, a cold air flow, a bad alignment of the cervical spine, a static unbalance of the whole spinal column as a consequence of a bad vertebral position or displacement (called vertebral subluxation), which in turn can be caused by a lot of other factors like: a hipolordosis (rectification of the cervical curve), may be of traumatic origin, as a whiplash, or due to repetitive bad postures.. For example, currently the “text neck” syndrome due to the bad and long use of cell phone with today’s generation.

Chiropractic and the problems of torticollis

Also, a bad sleeping position (sleeping on your stomach), trauma suffered during childhood or the use of forceps to extract the baby during a complicated delivery are factors that can trigger problems of torticollis.

A simple chiropractic routine check-up, or a preventive check-up, can save you unpleasant problems of torticollis in the medium to long term.

12-Chiropractic and the problems of torticollis

Step by step treatment

For problems of torticollis, your Doctor of Chiropractic will perform a complete exam of your spine and your pelvic position. He will focus on the cervical area, although sometimes the cause of the problem can be found at the base of the spine.

Your chiropractor will realign the structure removing vertebral subluxations, levelling the pelvis if necessary, and cut the vicious neurological circle. This way the muscle returns to its normal state and function, preventing it from reoccurring or becoming a chronic problem.

It is always useful during childhood and throughout life, after a trauma or just as a prevention, go and have a routine check-up to avoid more serious problems in the medium and long run.


In the first 10 to 15 minutes after your visit it is contraindicated to sit down.

During this period of time it is necessary to walk to mobilize the joints that we just release and walking also facilitate better joint lubrication and nutrition of the intervertebral discs.


During the next 24 hours following the first sessions avoid any excessive effort.

Otherwise, the effectiveness of the adjustment received will decrease.


Before and after every visit, avoid all kinds of tension.

Both physical and mental. The more relaxed you are the more benefit you will get from your treatment.


The set appointments must be respected.

They have been established to obtain the best results.


The sensations that each person may experience after an adjustment may vary without affecting the result and benefit of the treatment in the medium and long term.

After an adjustment, you may experience a feeling of relaxation, having a lot of energy, general well-being, disappearance or relief of symptoms, soreness or pain.

You may sometimes even experience discomfort since the body has to adapt to the new posture and position.

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