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In our two Chiropractic centers in Barcelona and Sitges, both equipped with the last generation of electrohydraulic chiropractic tables and multiple treatment rooms, specifically adapted according to the needs of each patient and adapting to each age group and specific case, our belief is that a patient is not just a body, but a person who needs to be attended as a whole.

In addition to taking care of our patients, we educate them to introduce nutritional changes, postures and lifestyle, providing them with postural advice and exercise recommendations adapted to their lifestyle, be it work or sports, in order to maintain and make the new changes last. This way we avoid the reappearance of pain, possible new problems and we stimulate an optimal well-being of the body.

Treatments are always carried out in individual rooms and with the latest, state-of-the-art, treatment tables adapted to each age group and specific case: babies, pregnant women, seniors, high-level and professional athletes, etc.

A professional, friendly and personalized welcome awaits you.

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Chiropractic Center in Barcelona

On the street of Calle Pau Claris, train exit Paseo de Gracia and subway exit Pau Claris, is where our Barcelona Chiropractic center is located. Each individual treatment room is equipped with state-of-the-art chiropractic tables, specifically adapted to each patient’s special needs as well as the latest chiropractic diagnostic tools.


Chiropractic Center in Sitges


Located on the street of Calle de Rafael Llopart, right next to the beach of playa San Sebastián,is where you find our Sitges Chiropractic Center. Each individual treatment room is equipped with state-of-the-art chiropractic tables, specifically adapted to each patient’s special needs as well as the latest chiropractic diagnostic tools. You can arrive by train Renfe, line R2, stop: Sitges.

Our techniques and custom treatment tables for Chiropractic

Our treatment tables Lloyd 900hsHilo Vertilift are patented and safety approved and they come from the United States with the Lloyd Michigan certification that guarantees the highest quality and safety, adapting to each case: babies, pregnant women, seniors, athletes, etc.

We offer you personalized care, adapted to each specific case, using the SOT technique (Sacro Occipital Technique) at the beginning of the treatment. Your doctor of Chiropractic will do a repositioning of the pelvis with a wedge system which can last from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the case.


Once the pelvis correctly aligned, the support of the 24 vertebrae will be easier to correct with the chiropractic treatment and the vertebrae will better hold in its new position.

Depending on the severity of the case, the stage of the injury, age group and bone mineralization of each one, during the session, your chiropracticdoctor will use one of the many different chiropractic techniques offers this specialty from the United States:

Chiropractic techniques: Gonstead, Toggle (H.I.O), Diversify Thompson, Apply Kinesiology (AK), Pierce-Stillwagon (PST), among others, in addition to the techniques performed with instrumentation such as Activator V and/or Acustim, or IQ Impulse etc. Both clinics are certified and equipped to practice the Chiropractic technique of IQ Impulse.

Your chiropractor uses the most appropriate technique, always with his hands and the help of a hydroelectric treatment table specific for chiropractic care.

The results obtained is a return to the correct pelvic positioning, a good spine alignment, and better mobility and normal function and optimal posture.


Taking good care of your health is our mission