Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Chiropractic. Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists in disorders of the spine and how they affect the nervous system and health in general. As such they are trained to establish a chiropractic diagnosis that allows them to make the best decisions regarding the treatment of their patients.

General Inquiries

What is the difference between Chiropractic and chiromassages?

The degree of doctor of Chiropractic requires a university degree of 6-7 years, we are talking about 5.500 teaching hours in 40 universities around the world. Therefore, Chiropractic should not be confused with chiromassage or with chiropraxia, that does not require such a high degree.

Why do doctors of Chiropractic give so much importance to vertebrae?

Recent medical studies have confirmed that the vertebrae – the bones that make up the spine – plays a key role in maintaining health, a fact that doctors of Chiropractic have always known. Spinal problems can be the origin of some diseases such as asthma, stomach ulcers, digestive problems, etc. It can be said that the vertebra is the true Achilles heel of health, wellness and homeostasis. It is always necessary to rule out a vertebral displacement or subluxation.

What warning signs may indicate that the spinal column is misaligned?

There are many signs, among them, the best known and the most notable are pain, muscle tension, headache, shoulder pain, back pain, torticollis problem, lumbago, inflammation, loss of sensation or hypersensitivity, but even numbness of a part of the body, difficulty relaxing, fatigue, stress and difficulty sleeping can also be warning signs.

What is a subluxation?

The term subluxation is used by doctors of Chiropractic to refer to misalignment or biomechanical malfunction of the vertebrae. Subluxation can irritate the nerves that exit the spinal cord between each of the vertebrae and at the level of the conjunction hole. This irritation causes pain and muscle dysfunction, tissues, the lymphatic system and organs, towards each cell in the affected area, creating an imbalance in the functioning of the affected area.

What causes a subluxation?

Subluxation can be the result of various factors:

  • Bad postures.
  • Physical stress: poorly performed physical exercise, falls, blows, accidents, trauma, difficult birth for the baby (e.g. use of forceps), complicated pregnancy or difficult delivery for the mother, etc.
  • Emotional stress.
What is the relationship between subluxations and bone degeneration?

Subluxations cause in the first place, loss of mobility of the vertebrae in the spine an increase of joint friction and abnormal premature joint degeneration with destruction of cartilage. Consequently, little by little it leads to bone degeneration with osteoarthritis (creation of osteophytes) identical to that of aging, but in a very accelerated and premature way. In other words, the subluxations cause accelerated and premature aging of your spine and joints.

What other type of problems can subluxation cause?

Considering that each and every cell in the body is regulated by the nervous system, if something obstructs, or compresses a nerve root due to a subluxation, the main consequence will be the malfunction at the level of control or the function of the body and in this case it will affect the rest of the body.

How long does the Chiropractic treatment last?

The speed of response to chiropractic care can vary considerably from person to person. It depends on different factors, such as age, and for how long you have had the problem, the extent and intensity of the injury, the lifestyle, the cause of the problem and the general state of health.

Subluxations are like dental cavities. If they are ignored for a long time, there will be no choice but to extract the teeth. However, the earlier they are detected, the easier they will be to treat. Likewise, if a subluxation is treated early, the results will be more immediate.

Who should see a doctor of Chiropractic?

Everybody. Just as you need to see your dentist regularly to maintain the health of your mouth, you need to see a doctor of Chiropractic regularly to maintain a healthy, pain-free spine. Chiropractic care promotes well-being of your entire body, being both preventive and curative by nature.

Is there a minimum age to receive chiropractic care?

No. The age of our patients ranges from newborns to seniors. Regardless of age, vertebrae may become misaligned and subluxation may occur. For example, the birth process can cause trauma to the neck, spine or pelvis. The Centre Chiropràctic de la Columna Vertebral has all the necessary therapeutic equipment to treat each specific case and always with the technique adapted to the state of bone mineralization.

When should you see a doctor of Chiropractic?

The sooner the better. It will make it possible to detect any subluxation in its initial state. An early detection allows your doctor of Chiropractic to take care of the problem in the beginning and find the origin of the problem. It will save you from unnecessary pain in the short and long term, avoid medication or surgery and the treatment will be shorter.

I suffer from sciatica. The doctors tell me that it is caused by a herniated disc and I need surgical intervention. Can Chiropractic help me?

There is always time to operate, but once you have been operated, there is no turning back.

A complete chiropractic exam to rule out surgery should be the first option. The first thing the doctor of Chiropractic will do is to look for the origin and cause of the herniated disc. There is never smoke without fire.

In most cases, resolving the cause and starting Chiropractic care, we guarantee a successful result, thus being able to avoid surgery that should always be the last option, since there is no going back.

A herniated disc is always a consequence of an imbalance, spinal misalignment (subluxation).

Can I visit a doctor of Chiropractic while receiving medical treatment?

In most countries Chiropractic is properly integrated into the health care system (such as USA, France, Italy, Portugal, England, Canada, the Nordic countries, etc.), Medical doctors and doctors of Chiropractic work together as a team being complementary.

How can Chiropractic help a pregnant woman?

Every pregnant woman should include chiropractic treatment in her prenatal care. Medical studies have shown that women who have received chiropractic care during pregnancy, increase their quality of life and have a shorter and easier delivery.

Healthy mother, healthy baby. If the future mother is under chiropractic care, she will avoid low back problems, sciatica, painful episodes due to ligament laxity of pregnancy and that consequently facilitates joint, vertebral or pelvic displacement (subluxations).

Preventive chiropractic care guarantees better joint mechanics and pelvic positioning necessary to reduce delivery time. If the pelvic position is not correct, the dilation phenomenon will slow down Chiropractic care can sometimes prevent a cesarean section.

During the pregnancy the future mother has a ligaments laxity, responsible of a lot of back problems throughout the pregnancy, during labor and after the delivery. Good chiropractic care will be an important ally in this new experience.

How long should you wait after a delivery to receive a chiropractic adjustment?

There is no need to wait. In most industrialized countries, the doctor of Chiropractic verifies the pelvic positioning immediately after delivery and takes advantage of the postpartum ligament laxity to be able to perform pelvic leveling easier, thus avoiding possible postpartum problems such as lumbago or sciatica.

When should a child have their first chiropractic visit?

The sooner the better. It is recommended to examine your baby as soon as possible in order to eliminate any possible trauma or subluxation related to the birth. The sudden death syndrome (SIDS) is linked in part – according to several medical studies – to a subluxation of the first cervical vertebrae (atlas/axis).

A simple check-up within the first few weeks can tell you if your child is at risk for this disease, eliminate subluxations and prevent future deviations, thus preventing scoliosis problems.

For older children, without diagnosed back problems, an annual check-up is sufficient. However, they should be immediately controlled after falls or accidents.

Chiropractors only treat back and spinal conditions?

Yes, Chiropractors are specialists in the prevention and treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, however, the treatment extends beyond the pathology related to the back.

In fact, you can consult a professional Chiropractor for many muscle, joints, and neurological pains such as:

Muscle spasms, lumbago, sciatica, cruralgia, neck pain, but also for torticollis (stiff neck) problems, headache, migraines, vertigo or for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat or concave foot problems, sprains, eversion of the foot – inversion of the foot, strains, and tendinitis, among many other conditions.
Chiropractic treatment may also be considered after an accident, injury or trauma.

In addition, chiropractic is effective for osteoporosis, post-operative fibrosis, pre-menstrual syndrome, stress, depression and it improves our immune system.


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