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Chiropractic and caring for your child

Childhood is a risky stage for the spine. Chiropractic check-ups are important to detect hidden health problems and treat them before they get worse.

Childhood, with its games, falls and accidents, is a very risky stage in life. Although children look like they are made of rubber, they are not! Blows, even the slightest, damages the spine , and threatens your child’s current and future health.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of back problems in adults originate in childhood. Initially, these disorders go unnoticed because at first glance there is nothing abnormal and there is usually no pain.

Fortunately, more and more parents realize that, to prevent health problems, periodic check-ups of the spine are as essential as those of dentures, of hearing and of sight.

56-Chiropractic and caring for your child

Childhood traumas

57-Childhood traumas

Childbirth is often the first trauma. Even seemingly trouble-free births can cause damage to the spine. The situation is further aggravated when forceps or suction cups are used.

Children in early infancy, being extremely active, may suffer more spinal damage in one single day than some adults in an entire year.

When they reach school age, there are added risks related to the use of desks and chairs not adapted to their morphology, heavy backpacks, sports injuries, etc.

Health implications

By putting pressure on the spine, these traumas create interference in the nervous system (remember that the spine protects the fragile spinal cord), endangering your child’s health.

Here are some of the health problems related to spinal or nervous system dysfunctions,which Chiropractic helps to remedy:

Growth problems – Spinal deformities (scoliosis, cifosis, etc.) –Headaches and back pain – IEar infection – Asthma – Allergies – Enuresis (bed wetting) – Hyperactivity and learning disabilities.


Among the spinal deformities, the most serious and frequent is scoliosis. This tragic disease, which affects the child physically and emotionally, can interfere with the activity of the lungs, heart and other vital organs.

Unfortunately, 90 % of scoliosis cases are diagnosed too late because it is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. At this advanced stage, it is usually too late to fully heal, although Chiropractic offers important prospects for improvement. Therefore, the importance of adequate prevention is paramount.


The need for check-ups

55-The need for check-ups

The Centre Chiropractic de la Columna Vertebral has state–of-the-art chiropractic diagnostic and treatment equipment, from the US and France.

A computerized exam confirms whether your child has a spine in good condition, an indispensable requirement to guarantee its good development and growth. In the case of detecting a problem, this early chiropractic diagnosis will allow us to carry out a fast and effective treatment.

When should I take my child for a check-up?

It is recommended to carry out revisions at 3, 6 and 10 years, when the child suffers from a fall or a blow and/or whenever we observe some of the symptoms indicated below:

  • one hip higher than the other
  • One shoulder higher than the other
  • one leg is shorter than the other
  • protruding shoulder blades
  • walking with their feet twisted in or out
  • joint pains
  • growing pains
  • low back pain
  • fall down often
  • agitation and hyperactivity

Remember that scoliosis once it has become visible to the naked eye, it has already reached a very advanced stage and it has become a lot harder to correct. Give your child the opportunity you never got.

60-The need for check-ups

Is Chiropractic adapted to children?

61-Is Chiropractic adapted to children?

YES. This natural therapy, without medication or surgery, is ideal for children. Chiropractic offers techniques adapted to each age, from newborn to adolescent.

Many back problems in adults originated from childhood.

Give your child the opportunity you never got.


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