Intercostal neuralgia

by | Mar 25, 2024 | chiropractic, Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia, more commonly known as “intercostal pain”, is a problem that generates strong and intense pain following the path of a rib. 

It is frequent and can be very disabling for the sufferer because almost all movements are painful.

To understand the origin of intercostal pain we have to understand how our body’s rib cage works.

The function of the rib cage is to protect the vital organs (lungs, heart, and esophagus). It is made up of 12 dorsal vertebrae and each one has two ribs (one on each side) joined in front of the body by the sternum. The intercostal nerves, the source of intercostal pain, have as their main pathway the space between two ribs and carry sensory and motor information.

Intercostal neuritis can present itself in many different ways although it usually occurs in a specific area (on one side of the ribs).

The pain can be sudden and sharp in a single point of the rib, so much so that it feels like a stabbing, or it can radiate along the entire nerve and cause a very strong burning sensation.

There are also different possible triggers such as:

temperature changes, coughing, compression due to incorrectly lifting too much weight (at the gym or when lifting shopping bags), stretching, etc.

Treatment for Intercostal Pain

Among the various causes of this pain, the most common may be due to joint blockage; osteoarthritis,since vertebral degeneration causes a decrease in the movement between vertebrae and the free space for the nerve; pregnancy (in the case of not having controlled the proper functioning of your back); or trauma (rib fracture and sprain).

Although the symptoms of intercostal pain are often worrisome, most of the time they are of neuro-musculoskeletal origin due to a joint malfunction of the dorsal vertebral area.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic is the appropriate professional to cure and solve your intercostal neuralgia.

He or she will diagnose the affected vertebral level to restore alignment and proper joint mobility and, if necessary, refer you to another specialist since sometimes the origin could be due to cardiovascular disease, a liver condition, or due to herpes zoster virus, among others.

Intercostal pain is an ailment that the Doctor of Chiropractic treats very often and solves effectively, gently and painlessly.

With the help of an electro-hydraulic chiropractic table from the USA and with the appropriate techniques and equipment for your case, he will provide you with the ideal treatment to restore your health and well-being.