Chiropractic: stress treatment

by | Jun 25, 2023 | chiropractic, Stress

“Our society, it’s no secret, multiplies the possible causes of stress.”

Our society, it’s no secret, multiplies the possible causes of stress. It is an abuse of language to speak of it in the singular, as if “stress” were an indivisible entity that would affect each person in the same way.

There are different types of stress that we can identify in 3 categories:

  • Emotional stress:

 The most common and recognized, derives from different emotional shocks, traumas, or depressive phases that we may face throughout our lives.

Chemical stress:

Results from all our bad habits in life (poor hydration or nutrition, smoking, excessive alcohol use…).

Physical stress:

Is inherited, as its name indicates, from our bad posture, repetition of gestures or movements, or carrying heavy loads.

If our body is capable, to a certain degree, of managing these multiple factors, it also needs to regenerate itself, which daily life does not always allow it to do.

The accumulation of these different types of stress thus generates a disturbance of the proper functioning that affects our nervous system and ultimately our health in general.

Sleep or mood disorders, digestive problems, joint or muscle pain, migraines, lack of vitality, mobility restrictions, hormonal disturbances…

Chiropractic has the advantage of allowing work on our body as a whole.

Once the component or components of stress, have been identified, the doctor of chiropractic can perform essential work on the nervous system to release the various interferences at the nerve level.

The chiropractic response involves an analysis of the posture to locate muscle tension and specific vertebral adjustments (or other peripheral joints that need it) to “release” the nervous system and obtain an increase in energy.

When the doctor of chiropractic releases the spine, it generates an almost immediate muscle relaxation and allows, recovering mobility, to return to a good posture (since stress memorizes bad posture), consequently improving self-esteem and leading to more positive thinking.

Chiropractic will allow us to work on all aspects of the autonomic nervous system.

The part that we control (when we command our body to execute any movement) and the part that we do not control, automated (our breathing, heartbeat, intestinal peristalsis…).

This set of care helps to restore general well-being to cope with daily stress. But it is not limited only to these mechanical adjustments:

Your doctor of chiropractic will help you to rethink everyday behaviors and will be a health advisor who will guide you, give you tips and exercises to change some habits of life that could be harmful to our body.

The goal of your doctor of chiropractic will not only be to alleviate the symptoms but to put all the possibilities on your side to solve the causes and be able to regain control of your body.