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Staying young with Chiropractic

The passage of time does not have to lead to physical deterioration. Chiropractic care will allow you to stay young throughout your life.

Gaining weight, weaken and loss of flexibility is often mistakenly thought of as being inevitable consequences of aging. However, it is our sedentary lifestyle – and not our age – who is the main responsible for the deterioration of our health.

Therefor there are solutions to stay young: starting to take care of your body from today will help you stay active and in good health throughout your life. Chiropractic, a natural therapy, allows you to maintain an agile body and close the door on pain.

50-Staying young with Chiropractic

The Spine, the key to mobility and youth

51-The Spine, the key to mobility and youth

Staying flexible is staying young. However, mobility depends largely on the good condition of the spine, involved in the vast majority of daily movements.

The spine is the key element of the human body. In addition to its role as a support, it is also the one that gives the body its flexibility through its 24 vertebrae.

However, over time, the mobility of the spine is increasingly compromised. In fact, bad posture, bumps and falls are a source of vertebral displacement.

These, even the minor ones, if they are not corrected in time, can lead to the painful appearance of osteoarthritis, true “oxidation” of the body. Lack of mobility can, in turn, cause a variety of health problems, in particular osteoporosis, a dangerous bone weakening that can lead to fractures. Since one of the best preventive means against this disease is exercise, it is easy to understand the need for a flexible spine for the maintenance of youth.

Healthy nervous system, healthy body

The vertebral column contains the spinal cord, central axis of the nervous system, through which vital information circulates from the brain through all parts of the body.

Vertebral displacements, also called subluxations, interfere with the transmission of nerve flow to the cells of the body. When this flow is disturbed, cells do not receive the necessary vital messages and can atrophy, degenerate or even die.

Imagine a garden. When the hose is clogged, the water cannot pass and the plants wither. In the same way, if any nerve is obstructed, vital information cannot reach the cells that make up the organs, and they end up weakened.

By correcting these nerve interferences, chiropractic treatment allows the body to regain its optimal function.

52-Healthy nervous system, healthy body

The function of the organism

53-The function of the organism

Thus, Chiropractic beneficially influences all the functions of the body, such as the digestive system or the appearance of the skin. Instead of spending a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams, it would be better if we first remind ourselves that the health and beauty of the skin depend largely on internal factors.

On the other hand, the vertebral adjustments made by the doctor of Chiropractic promotes the increase of the defenses. Helping the body to protect itself naturally is a smart choice, but people over 50 are the population group that consumes the most medication, and they are, as such, the most affected by their side-effects.

The doctor of Chiropractic: your anti-aging advisor

To stay young, it is therefore important to have the support of a doctor of Chiropractic. This spine and nervous system specialist will know how to detect and treat vertebral displacement before they immobilize your body and lead to pain or other health issues.

Thanks to their university training at doctorate level – 7 years of studies in the United States – the doctor of Chiropractic is trained to advise you on nutrition, in the most appropriate exercise programs and also regarding the life habits that will put a stop to aging.

Go see your doctor of Chiropractic. It is never too late to start feeling younger and in better shape!

“Chiropractic brings life to your years and years to your life”

49-your anti-aging advisor

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