Scoliosis: treatment for children and adults

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Caring for your child, Scoliosis

“In this delicate back-to-school period, parents and children are all eager to return to a more normalized rhythm of life, which entails obligations and impositions.

These will influence our children’s backs and will greatly condition their adult life.

In fact, the first major trauma to our spine begins at birth, continues with the support of the weight of the head, then learning to walk with all the countless falls that accompany it, carrying unsuitable loads and stress (yes, the same as their parents!). All this generates micro-imbalances which, accumulating during their childhood, end up generating bad posture and pain in the child.

During adolescence, young people experience important growth phases that can create disorders of the muscular, nervous and joint systems.

For example, the important thing about the new backpack is not that it is “cool” but to know how to choose it, carry it and load it. Otherwise, pathologies such as scoliosis may occur.

Wearing this backpack incorrectly adjusted and incorrectly loaded will lead to misalignment of the spine and even deformation.


It is also very important to take into account the number of school hours spent in the same sitting position, which imposes an excessive strain on the lower back (sitting generates more pressure on the lower back than lying down or standing).

In addition to the demands of school, children often have extracurricular activities that can lead to premature emotional stress. Not to mention new technologies that accelerate sedentary lifestyles. Instead of playing outdoors, more and more young people prefer to stay in front of the computer or other technological devices (tablet, cell phone…).

The importance of a chiropractic check-up

All these factors create stress at the level of the spine and have repercussions on its correct development. In view of these observations it seems obvious that parents need to be informed of the importance of regular spinal assessment of their children. A healthy spine constitutes a solid pillar around which the child can grow harmoniously. Not only does the teeth have to be examined regularly, but the back as well because it is not replaceable.

Children, adolescents and adults can suffer from pain in the back, neck, jaw, headaches, shoulders, knees, legs… That is why it is important to ensure their good growth and the good development of their muscular coordination with a chiropractic examination and, if required, with a chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic effectively treats all these problems thanks to mechanical adjustments, and joint and muscle techniques that are gentle, natural, effective, and adapted to different ages (infants, children, adolescents). Chiropractic can help you.