Treatment for Disc Protrusion and Chiropractic

by | Aug 12, 2023 | chiropractic, Disc Protrusion

A disc protrusion is the bulging of the intervertebral disc of the spine. There are discs in the spine that act as shock absorbers against the force of the vertebrae articulating with each other. These discs serve to prevent two vertebrae from touching.

When a disc protrusion occurs, it is possible that the injured disc presses on one of the nerves that run through the spine, and this, as when a cavity reaches the tooth and touches the nerve, causes a lot of pain in its inflammatory phase.

Disc protrusion can cause pain along the spine, either in your cervical, dorsal or lumbar spine. This can cause radiating pain down the arm or leg, including tingling or numbness in the arms or legs, muscle weakness, or a feeling of failure when walking.

For example, a cervical protrusion may cause a feeling of tightness or pain around the headcausing instability or dizziness.

A bad pelvic position increases intervertebral friction, wearing out the intervertebral disc more easily, creating discopathies, protrusions, and disc herniations.

Poor posture can also influence the health of our discs: jobs that require heavy lifting, repetitive work, or even a bad position in front of the computer can contribute to or be responsible for the appearance of a protrusion.

Chiropractic is one of the most effective treatments for treating protruded discs because it acts directly on the spine, thus relieving pressure on the affected disc.

It achieves this through very precise manual adjustments and with the help of state-of-the-art technology based on the use of the latest generation of specific electro-hydraulic chiropractic tables from the United States.

These tables help both in the process of restoring the vertebrae to their correct position, as well as in correcting the lack of mobility and in releasing the pain caused by the pinched nerve.

Similarly, it is very important to rebalance the pelvis so that the bodyweight is better distributed and so that the vertebral curvatures have a better base to support themselves. In this way, the doctor of Chiropractic restores the functionality of our spine in a precise and painless way. This is how we will prevent the degeneration of the discs and maintain a flexible and healthy spine.

Finally, it is necessaryto point out the importance of diagnosing a disc protrusion in time. If after several days the pain does not diminish, it can become chronic and transform into a disc herniation. This is why early diagnosis is so important.

The doctor of chiropractic will evaluate and analyze the medical evidence provided to locate the cause of the neuro-musculoskeletal imbalance in your body.